Through the intentional control of our breath, we can release tension and stress, allowing our bodies to enter a state of deep relaxation. This technique helps us clear our minds and rejuvenate our energy. Similarly, Space Clearing is a process of purifying our physical environment. By removing stagnant energy and negative vibrations, we create a harmonious and uplifting space. This practice not only cleanses the physical space but also enhances the overall energy flow between our environment and ourselves.

Breathwork Program


A four-week one-on-one program. You will learn Pranayama, when to use them, and be supported along the way to incorporating these practices into your daily life.

Each week you will receive an online private class with me, be provided with an instructional PDF as well as a pre-recorded video and three accountability check-ins.

a buddha statue sitting on top of a table
a buddha statue sitting on top of a table
Space Clearing

$50.00 per hour + material (min. one hour)

This is a mobile service. After a free consultation, I will come to your home or business and perform a space clearing ritual. If we have previously negotiated an extended service, this could include de-cluttering and re-organizing per Western Feng Shui practices.

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