Aftercare or Self Care?

7/31/20232 min read

We call it aftercare, but it should be called self-care. You see, Reiki is just one stop on your healing journey. Before your first Reiki session, you have already started on the path to wellness. By now, we all know that we need to be present, mindful, and engage in self-care; it's not selfish; it's self first. But what does all of this mean, anyway?

Well, my friend, pull up a cushion and let's chat.

I could go on and on about wellness (and sometimes I do), but today, let's focus on that magical epoch, post-Reiki. As a reminder, the word Reiki comes from the Japanese word (Rei), which means "Universal Life," and (Ki) which means "Energy." I know you know all that, but keep this in mind, OK? Universal Energy.

Remember, you opened yourself to receiving Reiki; now your session is over, and I am pressing a glass of water in your hands. Hmm, what's this? Your body has just received a jump start on self-healing; it will go through all manner of weird and wonderful processes. You may experience physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual symptoms as energy becomes unblocked and released for your greater good. This could feel like headaches, runny nose, aches and pains, euphoria, dizziness, GI rumblings, vivid dreams, and your senses could go into overdrive. It really is a spectrum and individual to each client and session. The very least will be that you feel calm and rested, and the most will be the sensation of being plugged into the universe. "These dials go up to 11"! These sensations may start during the session or up until three days later. There is no right or wrong; it simply is. Remember universal energy? It's there, always there, for you to receive.

But what's that got to do with self-care, you ask? Here, sip some more water. Feeling a little spacey? Just sit down and pat your body while you say your name out loud three times. I'm not joking; it works. You should also have something light to eat; a little protein helps. Your body, all of our bodies, everything, is made up of energy. It just received the opportunity to download a heck of a lot of Reiki, and that takes, well, a lot of energy. You may feel depleted; water, rest, and light nutrition will put your body back in homeostasis.

When you get your first Reiki session and even subsequent sessions, your energetic body is reminded of the self-healing talents it possesses. It will take a few days after each session to fully acclimate yourself to these healing sessions. So this is a perfect time for self-care. You came this far on your healing journey; if you still need self-care time, there is no better time to start. Self-care can mean eating mindfully, doing light exercise, being present during your grooming rituals, calling on friends, and playing with your or your friend's pet. I've got a few pets living with me, and they never tire of attention. Borrow one, please?

Self-care is different for everyone; listen to your body, and you will find what works best for you. By incorporating self-care practices, you can experience improved energy levels, increased productivity, and a greater sense of balance in your life.

In summary;

1, good on you, you're taking steps toward better health and wellness;

2, don't stop - pivot, adjust, grow, but don't stop

3, keep exploring, stay curious

4, you are doing an excellent job

5, take care of yourself - there's only one of you, and I like you.

Oh, and drink some more water.